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Jack A New Year with Old Friends 914754 - MONTH SERIES
Phoebe Be Mine 914762 - MONTH SERIES
Mark Friendship Is In The Air 914770 - MONTH SERIES
Alan Showers of Friendship 914789 - MONTH SERIES
May Friendship is in Bloom 914797 - MONTH SERIES
June Planting the Seed of Friendship 914800 - MONTH SERIES
Julie A Day in the Park 914819 - MONTH SERIES
Arthur Smooth Sailing 914827 - MONTH SERIES
Seth School Days 914835 - MONTH SERIES
Oscar Sweet Treats 914843 - MONTH SERIES
Nicole Thanks for Friends 914851 - MONTH SERIES
Denise Happy Holidays, Friend 914878 - MONTH SERIES
Dot   (with pink slippers)    There's No Place Like Home 476501 - WIZARD OF OZ SET
Leo Courage Comes From Within 476501 - WIZARD OF OZ SET
Scott May Wisdom Follow You Wherever You Go 476501 - WIZARD OF OZ SET
Tim A Kind Heart is the Best Gift 476501 - WIZARD OF OZ SET
Follow The Yellow Brick Road pathway (accessories) 476501 - WIZARD OF OZ SET
Angie I Brought the Star 951137 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Camel Friends Like You Are Precious and True 904309 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Celeste An Angel To Watch Over You 141267 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Cow    That's What Friends Are For 651095 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1999
Ethan   As Long as the Star Shines, I Shall Follow it 864293 - NATIVITY SCENE - 2001
Eve Everyone Needs Someone To Watch Over Them 706787 - NATIVITY SCENE - 2001
Maria and Baby A Baby is Gods Gift of Love 950688 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Josh A Baby is Gods Gift of Love 950688 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Richard My Gift is Loving, My Gift is Sharing, My Gift is Caring 950718 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Edward My Gift is Loving, My Gift is Sharing, My Gift is Caring 950718 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Wilbur My Gift is Loving, My Gift is Sharing, My Gift is Caring 950718 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Ronnie I'll Play My Drum for You. 912905 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Sammy Little Lambs Are In My Care 950726 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Sheep & Donkey Friendship Pulls Us Through & Ewe Make Being Friends Special 912867 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Wooden Creche with Coverlet


951218 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1993
Prayer Plaque


176362 - NATIVITY SCENE - 1996
Bear On Cart A Journey With You Is One To Remember 537268 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Cow With Teddie A Big Hug From A Little Friend 537217 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Bear On Horse Our Friendship Is An Adventure 537209 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Bear On Bunny Everyone Needs A Occasional Hug 537187 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Boy With Teddie Keep Good Friends Close To Your Heart 537195 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Bear on Duck Follow You Heart Wherever It Takes You 537241 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Toy Elephant You have The Biggest Heart Of All 537225 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Lamb With Teddie A Friend Is An Answered Prayer 537233 - ANTIQUE TOY SET
Jacki Hugs & Kisses 950432 - LOVE YA SERIES
Karen Best Buddy 950432 - LOVE YA SERIES
Sara Love Ya 950432 - LOVE YA SERIES


We're Going Places 911739 - 1 of 3
Jonathan Sail With Me 911739 - 2 of 3
Thomas Chuggin Along 911739 - 3 of 3
Girl with Blue Bonnet and Duck Girl with Blue Bonnet and Duck 916358 - 1 of 3

Girl with Daisy Headband

Girl with Daisy Headband 916358 - 2 of 3
Girl with White Hat and Flower Girl with White Hat and Flower 916358 - 3 of 3
Spencer I'm Head Over Skies For You 269743 - SKATING POND
Shannon A Figure 8, Our Friendship Is Great 354260 - SKATING POND
Adam It's a Holiday On Ice 269751 - SKATING POND
James Going My Way For The Holidays 269786 - SKATING POND
Festival Ice Skating Pond display (accessories) CRT334 - SKATING POND
Clara Sugar Plum Dreams 272388 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
Herr Drosselmeyer Making Holiday Wishes Come True 272388 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
The Boy Prince Our Friendship is Magical 272388 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
The Mouse King I'll Keep You Beary Safe 272388 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
Grandfather Clock and Sofa (accessories) 279641 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
Musical Christmas Tree (accessories) 292494 - NUTCRACKER SUITE
Lionel All Aboard The Santa Express (locomotive) 219061 - SANTA EXPRESS
Colin He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good (coal car) 219088 - SANTA EXPRESS
Toy Car Rolling Along With Our Friends and Smiles  (toy car) 219096 - SANTA EXPRESS
Nick Ho, Ho, Ho - To The Holidays We Go!  (Bear in Sled Car) 219312 - SANTA EXPRESS
Kirby Heading Into The Holidays With Deer Friends 219118 - SANTA EXPRESS
Cindy This Train Is Bound For Holiday Surprises!
(girl in wagon with toys)
Tony A First Class Delivery For You!  (mail car) 219487 - SANTA EXPRESS
Casey Friendship Is The Perfect End To The Holidays  (caboose) 219525 -SANTA EXPRESS
Street Lamp / Bear (accessories) 269913 - SANTA EXPRESS
Santa Express 11 piece Train Accessory Set (accessories) 935557 - SANTA EXPRESS
Winter Train Depot (accessories) 352683 - SANTA EXPRESS
Adam Loyal Soldiers, We Stand Tall 112396 - PATRIOTS PARADE
Madison Brave Americans, One And All 112397 - PATRIOTS PARADE
Grant Ready To Answer Freedom's Call 112398 - PATRIOTS PARADE
"Love Ya" Bear Valentine Mini Figurines 916382 - 1 of 3
???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? - 2 of 3
???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? - 3 of 3
Holmes ??????????????????????? 4005880  
Sherlock Good Friends Are Hard To Find 163481  
Watson Elementary, My Dear Friend 4005881  
King Arthur Our Valiant Friendship is Bound in Honor 4005876  
Guinevere Friends Forever, Come What May 4005877  
Lancelot I Would Brave Anything For You 4005878  
Merlin You Have Me Spellbound 4005879  
Cupid (hanging ornament) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Our First Christmas Together (hanging ornament) 141259  
Bear with Paint and Candy Cane (hanging ornament) 4004615  
Bear with Drum and Candy Cane (hanging ornament) 4004616  
Bear with Candle and Candy Cane (hanging ornament) 4004617  
Angel with Trumpet (hanging ornament) 912980  
Back to Back Bear - Red Stocking Cap (hanging ornament) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Back to Back Bear - Santa Cap and red/yellow mittens (hanging ornament) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Bear, dressed in Santa Suit, on Rocking Horse (hanging ornament) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Bear Elf with Deer (hanging ornament) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Bear with Wreath on Head (hanging ornament) 4005482  
Bear with Bag of Snow (hanging ornament) 4005483  
Bear with Wand (hanging ornament) 4005484  
Gingerbread Bear (hanging ornament) 352748  
Our 1st Christmas - Bundle Up For The Holiday (hanging ornament) 617229  
Beary Christmas 1994 Baby's First Christmas 617253  
Dangling Mittens (hanging ornament) 177768  
Santa with Ho Ho Blocks (hanging ornament) 176168 - pair with Santa with Joy Blocks 176168   (want)
Elf With Candy Cane (hanging ornament) 651389  
Elf Jingle Bell (hanging ornament) 0000833  
Bear in Mitten - 15th Anniversary (hanging ornament) 4009301  
Dresser With Tree (accessories) 533823 - OLD FASHIONED COUNTRY CHRISTMAS
Rocking Chair (accessories) 533823 - OLD FASHIONED COUNTRY CHRISTMAS
Sign-Coat Rack (accessories) 533823 - OLD FASHIONED COUNTRY CHRISTMAS
Frame and Ornament (accessories) 118388
Baby Bear with Blocks Shelf Sitter (accessories) 203874
1998 Members Only 'Mailbox' (accessories) CT983
1998 Members Only 'Streetlight.' (accessories) CT983
1998 Members Only 'Teddy Water Fountain' (accessories) CT983
Heart Shaped Picture Frame (accessories) n/a
Trinket Box with Italian-style Teddy (accessories) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Clay Pot with CT Hanger (accessories) ???????? NEED INFORMATION ABOUT THIS PIECE...
Store Signage Plaque (accessories) 951005 (have two)
Town Tattler Signage (accessories) CRT109
Shadow Box (accessories) 628557
'Rock' dated 2000 with flag (part of 'Neil') (accessories) 601659
Santa's Workshop 3 piece set (accessories) 176079  
Hope Plaque (accessories) 104140L  
Salt and Pepper Set (accessories) 114677  
Advent calendar (accessories) 359040  
Club Member Flag - 1995 (accessories) 901350  
Christmas Cards and Pencil Set (accessories) 881805  
Love Lapel Pin and Earring Set (accessories) 156566  
Birthday Shadow Box (accessories) 101871 First Sample - prototype
Girl with Blanket Candle Holder
(accessories) 353914  
Girl with Tree Trunk Candle Holder
(accessories) 353973  
Boy with Trunk Candle Holder
(accessories) 353949  
Countdown Calendar
(accessories) 4526  
August picture frame (accessories) 311669 - small, green bow, green heart necklace
January picture frame (accessories) 311588  
A Father Is the Bearer of Strength A Father is the Bearer of Strength 624888
Adelaide n/a 798835 - girl & pumpkin costume
- Avon Exclusive
Age 1 Beary Special One 911348
Age 2 Two Sweet Two Bear 911321
Age 4 Unfolding Happy Wishes Four You 911305
The Perfect Man
114166 - limited edition
Allison & Alexandria Two Friends Mean Twice The Love 127981 - signed
Amanda Here's Some Cheer to Last The Year 141186
Ambre You're A Natural Beauty 0000810
Amelia You Make Me Smile 273554 - 1997-1998 Cherished Rewards Level 2
Anders Christmas Is Full Of Sweet Surprises 4005476
Angela Peace On Earth And Mercy Mild 175986
Anna Hooray for You 950459
August August with Birthstone Mini Figurine 239836 - small, green bow, green heart necklace
August August Monthly Carousel 755303 - small, green bow, green heart necklace, carousel horse
- Avon Exclusive
August Angel August Angel 114487
Ava You Make Me Feel Beautiful Inside 546526
Awaiting the Arrival Awaiting the Arrival 743801
Baby Cradled with Love 911356
Baby Covered Box with Locket baby covered box with locket 536903
Baxter & Friend It's Not the Size of the Friend, But the Size Of Their Heart 644358F - signed
Bear with '5' block Bear with '5' Block 302872
Bear with 'G' block Bear with 'G' Block 158488G
Beatrice Honey, You're the Sweetest 786837
Benji Life is Sweet, Enjoy 950458
Benny Let's Ride Through Life Together 273198
Beth Happy Holidays, Deer Friend 950807
Betty Bubblin' Over With Love 626066
Blaire Bubbling With Anticipation For The Celebration CT010
Blake Every Friend Is A Cherished Gift 108322
Bonnie and Harold Ring To The Holidays With Me 466301
Booker and Fletcher Together, Wherever We Go 786861
Boy With Overalls Boy with Overalls 707317 - mini figurine
Breanna Pumpkin Patch Pals 617180
Buddy And the North Wind Shall Blow 706892
Caleb and Friends When One Lacks Vision, Another Must Provide Supervision 661996
Candace Skating On Holiday Joy 269778 - signed
Can't Bear To See You Under the Weather Can't Bear To See You Under the Weather 215856
Carter and Friends Take Time For Others And Others Will Take Time For You 706817 - Special Issue
Chantel and Fawn We're Kindred Spirits 661740
Charlie The Spirit of Friendship Warming the Heart 950742
Charlotte and Clay Dinnertime Is Always A Mother's Adventure 101684
Cherish Reach Out to Someone Around You 476633
Child of Hope Child of Hope 624837
Child of Kindness Child of Kindness 624853
Child of Pride Child of Pride 624829
Christy Take Me to Your Heart 128023b
Chuck You've Always Been A Deere Friend 811734
Cole We've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For 476714
Congratulations Bear This Calls For A Celebration 215910 - signed
Cub E. Bear Charter Member 1995 Symbol of Membership CT001
Cupid Cupid Took Aim and Sent Me Your Love 4004809
Cupid Boy and Girl Aiming For Your Heart 103594
Dad, You're Due For A Hug! Dad, You're Due For a Hug! 203459
Dad, You're The Hardest Workin' Man I Know Dad, You're the Hardest Workin' Man I Know 110258 - 2003 Limited Edition
Dahlia You're the Best Pick of the Bunch 202932
Dana Life Is So Much S'More With You 112388
Danny You're The Finest Friend in the Forest 676861
Dave An Oldy But Goodie 477494
Dean Smile - You Have a Friend in Me! 109637
December Waterball December Waterball 979260
Delight I Will Melt Your Heart 848573
Dennis You Put the Spice in My Life 510963
Devon Dream A Little Dream 0000818
Donald Friends Are Egg-ceptional Blessings 103799
Dora and Roland Friends Are There To Comfort Each Other 978930
Dorothy Love Me True 128023a
Douglas Let's Be Friends 950661
Earl Warm Hearted Friends 131873  
Ebearnezer Scrooge Bah Humbug! 617296
Elmer & Friends Friends Are the Thread That Holds the Quilt of Life Together 786691 - signed
Eric Bear Tidings of Joy 622796
Erika Remember The Past, Cherish The Years Ahead 865036 - Dated 2001
Ernest and Buggy Looks Like Trouble is Just Around the Corner 661864
Evan May Your Christmas Be Trimmed in Happiness 484822
Faith There's No Bunny Like You 916412
Franz Our Friendship Knows No Boundaries 202436
Gail Catching The First Blooms of Friendship 103772
Welcome All The Sounds Of The Season
Ginger Painting Your Holidays With Love 141127
Glenn Thank You Beary Much 104055 - Limited Edition
Good Luck Good Luck 113590 - Irish Bear figurine
Good Luck Girl Bear with Scroll 303143 - mini figurine
Graduation Boy The Best Is Yet To Come 127949
Graduation Girl Congratulations on your Graduation 113504
Grandpa is God's Special Gift Grandpa is God's Special Gift 127906
Harriet You Make Me Feel Beautiful Inside 476587
Harrison Our Journey Has Just Begun 864374
Harvey I'm Surrounded By Special Friends 676853 - Syndicated Catalog Exclusive
Have a Warm and Fuzzy Holiday Have a Warn and Fuzzy Holiday 4002833
Hayward and Effie Love Will Keep Us Warm 4002841
Heath Set Sail Toward New Adventures 4001916
Hilary Hugabear n/a CT952 - signed
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Santa with Roly Poly Figurine 4005480
Holly A Cup of Homemade Love 141119
Humphrey Just The Bear Facts Ma'am 352977 - signed
I Love You Bear with Love Letters mini figurine 156515
Ingrid Bundled-Up With Warm Wishes 617237
Isaac, Jeremiah & Temperance Faith of our Fathers 707031
Jacob Bearly You Will Be Haunted By Three Spirits 614785
Jake Bearcino The Strong Bodyguard with a Gentle Heart CT012 - signed
Jana Loyalty And Friendship Go Hand in Hand 107068
Jeanette Laughter is the Best Medicine 118386
Jeffrey Striking Up Another Year 176044
Jenelle A Friend is Somebunny to Cherish Forever 505579
Jennifer Gathering the Blooms of Friendship 103810
Jerald & Mary Ann What Would Game Night Be Without You? 811742
Jeremy Friends Like You are Precious and Few 950521
Jill I'm Always Good For A Soft Cuddle And A Warm Hug 199869
Jim and Joey Underneath It All We're Forever Friends 203513
Joe Love Only Gets Better With Age 476412 - signed
Jolene Dropping You a Holiday Greeting 176133 - shelf sitter
Jonah Can't Bear To Be Without You 118374
Joseph Everyone Has Their Old Friends To Hug 476471
Joshua Love Repairs All 950556 - signed
Joy You Always Bring Joy 176087
Joyce Plant a Rainbow and Watch It Grow 302767
Jude Love is the Beary Best Bedtime Story 506818
Judy I'm Your Bathing Beauty 203491
"Judy" I Just Called To Say I Love You 797170
Judy Harrison A Decade of Teddy Bear Love 302694
Junior Everyone is a Bear's Best Friend 476641
Justin We Share Forever What Ever the Weather 533793 - signed
Kara You're a Honey of a Friend 265779  
Katherine You're the Best in the Business 874671  
Katie, Renee, Jessica & Matthew I'm Surrounded by Hugs 538299 - signed
Katrina, Fritz and Forrest Friendship Appears In The Most Unlikely Places 795607 - Adoption Center Exclusives 10th Anniv
Kent   (with red stop sign) Officer, I've Got A Warrant Out For Your Heart 476560
Kerstin You're the Swedish Of Them All 197289
Kiss The Hurt And Make It Well Kiss The Hurt And Make It Well 127965
Kristen Hugs of Love and Friendship 141194
Lana Hold On Tight for Life's Fast Flight 112499
Lance Come Fly With Me 337463
Lanny 1999 Symbol of Membership CT105
Laura Friendship Makes It All Better 156396 - signed
Lee You're A Bear's Best Friend 272167
Leslie Friendship Pops Up Everywhere! 104665
Lewis Though We Must Part, You're Still In My Heart 4001300
Lewis and Clark We Proceeded On To Friendship 114105  
Libby My Country 'Tis Of Thee 305979
Lily Lilies Bloom With Petals of Hope 202959
Linda ABC and 123 You Are a Friend to Me 156426
Lindsey & Lyndon Walking in a Winter Wonderland 141178
Little Sparkles - January Birthstone Bear Little Sparkles - January  Birthstone Bear 239720 - mini figurine
Little Sparkles - November Birthstone Bear Little Sparkles - November Birthstone Bear 239860 - mini figurine
Little Twinkles Bear holding magic wand 105394 - August 2003 birthstone
- Avon
Lois To Grandmother's House We Go 302511
Love Love   (girl cupid) 103640
Lynn A Handmade Holiday Wish 310735A - Special Preview Edition 1997 Fall Catalog Exclusive
Machiko Love Fans a Beautiful Friendship 202312
Mack & Mallory It's Snowball Without You 118393
Marcus There's Nobody I'd Rather Go 'Round With Than You 589934
Margy I'm Wrapping Up A Little Holiday Joy To Send Your Way 475602
Mark Friendship Is In The Air 914770
Mark & Judy Today is the Day We've Been Dreaming Of 0000822
Mary A Special Friend Warms The Season 912840
Marsha & Pinky Hogs and Kisses To My Beary Best Friend 847356
Meri Handsewn Holidays 141135
Merry In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman 706906
Mike I'm Sweet On You 356255
Milton Wishing for a Future as Bright as the Stars 542644
Miss You Miss You 303127 - mini figurine
Mom A Mother's Love Bears All Things (with chair) 624861
Natasha, Michele & Kitty On a Journey To Joy and Peace    (and)
Sharing The Season of Joy Together
Nate Santa's Sleigh Is On Its Way 118390 - Limited Edition
Newton Ringing In the New Year With Cheer 272361
Nicholas You're At The Top of My List 141100
Nina Beary Happy Wishes 215864
Noel An Old-Fashioned Noel To You 176109
Norm Patience is a Fisherman's Virtue 476765
Northrup You Make Every Place Merrier 104139 - Limited Edition

Old King Cole

Your Wear Your Kindness Like a Crown 979791


Feel the Peace... Hold the Joy... Share the Love.

Our Friendship Lights The Way lighthouse 0000454
Our Love is More Than Luck  Irish Couple 869317
Our Love is the Greatest Gift Our Love is the Greatest Gift 114042
Pamela and Grayson A Dash of Love To Warm Your Heart 352616
Parker & Carly Spread Love Around the World 116547 - autographed
Patrick Thank You For a Friend That's True 911410
Patty And Peggy Spending Time With You Is Priceless 789631  
Paul You Can Always Trust Me To Be There 676888  
Paws for Patiotism Paws for Patriotism 118321 - 2 pieces
- Avon exclusive
Pinocchio You've Got My Heart On a String 476463
R. Harrison Hartford R. Harrison Hartford CT102
Randy You're Never Alone With Good Friends Around 476498
Ray Special Times Make Life Complete 631345  
Rich Always Paws for the Holiday Treats 352721
Robbie and Rachel Love Bears all Things 911402
Robbie and Rachel Love Bears all Things 911402
Robert Love Keeps Me Afloat 156272
Robin You Steal My Heart Away 156434
Robin Hood sample / prototype 4005151
Roger You Set My Heart In Motion 477516
Rosie 2004 Club Exclusive 117128
Rosie D'Face 2001 Club Exclusive Special Contest 824291W
Roxanne Friends Never Steer You Wrong 107075
Russell and Ross Thanks For Teaching Me About The Real World 661783
Ruth & Gene Even When We Don't See Eye To Eye We're Always Heart to Heart 476668 - signed
Ryan I'm Green With Envy For You 203041
Sam I Want You... To Be My Friend 302619
Sandy There's Room In My Sand Castle For You 203467
Sanford Celebrate Family, Friends and Tradition 534242
Sawyer and Friends Hold On To The Past, But Look To The Future 662003
Sealed With Love Sealed With Love 869074A - pair with 869074B (want)
Segrid, Justaf & Ingmar The Spirit of Christmas Grows In Our Hearts 352799 - Limited Edition (12/31/1998)
Selma and Arlana Winter Wonders, Faithful Friends 112390 - Limited Edition
Sharon Sweetness Pours From My Heart 352594
Sherlock Good Friends Are Hard To Find 163481
Shirley These Are the Best Kind of Days 533777
Sissy, Brandy, Jada and Friend Friends Give The Warmest Hugs 786675
Skylar and Shanna When You Find a Sunbeam, Share the Warmth 601594
Sonja Holiday Cuddles 622818
Sparkling Hearts Birthstone figurine 111890 - August 2003 birthstone
- Avon
Stanley & Valerie Togetherness Is The Reason We Have Friends 476676
Stella Touches of Heaven Can
Be Found On Earth
Stormi Hark the Herald Angels Sing 176001
Sven and Liv All Paths Lead to Kindness and Friendship 272159
Sweetie Sent With Love 103551
Sylvia A Picture Perfect Holiday 265810 - signed
Taylor Bee My Little Bumble Bee 0000804 - signed
Taylor Sail the Seas With Me 617156
Ted Snow Fun When You're Not Around 269727
Teddie Twirls Ballerina with tulle tutu 115305 - August 2003 birthstone
- Avon
Teddy Friends Give You Wings To Fly 476757
Terry Always Stay On Track About The True Meaning of Christmas 865095
Terry Friendship Is More Than 9-to-5 476579
Tess & Friend Things Do Not Change, We Do 661953 - signed
Theodore, Samantha & Tyler Friendship Weathers All Storms 950769
Tracie and Nicole Side by Side with Friends 911372
Travers Our Friendship Is Out Of This World 114101
Travis and Tucker We're In This Together 127973
Trent No Matter What The Weather, We'll Always Be Together 108320
Two Bears on Bench Two Bears on Bench CRT240
Victoria From My Heart To Yours 916293
Wally You're the Tops With Me 103934 - signed
Wayne Spoonfuls of Sweetness 352608
Wedding Couple To The Happy Couple 113373
Welcome to the World - Baby Boy Welcome to the World - Baby Boy 116541
We've Pieced Together a Perfect Love We've Pieced Together a Perfect Love 107059  
William You're A Jolly Ol' Chap 202878
Winfield Anything Is Possible When You Wish On a Star 476811 - Millenium Limited Edition
Wolfgang The Spirit of Christmas Is In Us All 706701
World's Greatest Mom mini figurine 476773 - signed
Would You Please Give Me a Pull Bear in Wagon Mini Figurine 104859
You're the Frosting on the Birthday Cake You're the Frosting on the Birthday Cake 306398 - autographed
Yule Building A Sturdy Friendship 141143
Zachary Yesterday's Memories Are Today's Treasures 950491

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